Seminar Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition

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Seminar Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition is the perfect combination of being on Seminar and enjoying the rugged outdoors. This unique track weaves in and out of the classic Ramah Seminar program, while offering a wide array of adventure activities, hiking, and Israeli-style outdoors training. Out of the 39 days of Seminar, 14 will be spent on and around Shvil Yisrael (the Israel National Trail) and on other challenging treks.

This program is unique within the options of Conservative youth programming in Israel, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to all Jewish teens, even those who have not experienced Ramah in the past.

Shvilim will be led by highly trained experts. The highest level of safety precautions will always be adhered to.


Enjoy amazing sites, outdoor journeys, adventure activities, personal interactions, and fulfilling challenges!

Read on or consult the Shvilim FAQ for more information.


Shvil Yisrael

Shvil Yisrael שביל ישראל, the Israel National Trail is a hiking trail that crosses Israel from north to south, over approximately 1000 km (620 miles). The trail was named by National Geographic as one of the twenty World’s Best Hikes: Epic Trails, as a trail that tells a tremendous story traveling deep in the history and culture of the land. It states, “Beyond the immense sense of history and breaking news, the trail powerfully connects to something that often gets lost in all the headlines–the sublime beauty of the wilderness of the Middle East.”

Every year thousands of Israelis of all ages take to the trail to explore their land and identity. This is your chance to get a taste of this epic journey! To explore Israel from up close as you meander through the backcountry, sleep on a bed of its pine needles, and sleep under the stars, as our forefathers did thousands of years ago!



This is your chance to hike parts of the trail, sleep out under the stars and connect to the Land of Israel!


Seminar Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition starts in Israel together with all of Ramah Seminar in Hodayot Youth Village, our base in the north of Israel, the Galil. Hike and rappel in the Golan Heights, climb down the Arbel Cliffs, swim in the waters of the Kinneret, and celebrate Shabbat with the entire Ramah Seminar community. After Shabbat, spend most of the week on your first masa (challenging trek): hiking in the Galil in the spirit of Shvil Yisrael, sleeping under the stars and taking part in the ancient tradition of “קום והתהלך בארץ” which are the words of God to Abraham, “Arise and walk the Land!”

After hiking in the north during the week, we’ll join the rest of the Seminar community in Jerusalem and celebrate a Ramah Shabbat together. Then we’ll spend a week together with all of Seminar exploring Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the political, religious, cultural, and economic centers of the country.  We’ll then disperse for host Shabbat, returning rested and ready to take part in the second masa on the Israel Trail along the Carmel mountain range and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, including rock climbing, off trail navigating, and more!

Returning to Jerusalem for Shabbat, we will join the rest of Seminar for a several day unit concentrating on leadership followed by two days of the Israel Unwrapped in-depth elective. The next part of our adventure moves south, as we continue to the Negev and the Arava deserts for a tranquil desert Shabbat with all of Seminar followed by our third and final masa, into the wild and the desolate beauty of the Negev desert for our ultimate challenge, as we reflect on all we experienced on our journey through the land of Israel, the people of Israel, and ourselves.

We then return to Jerusalem for our final few days summing up our experience in Shvilim and Seminar leading to the conclusion of the program and a final Shabbat in Jerusalem. It is time to say l’hitraot to our friends, old and new.


Seminar Shvilim Includes:

  • Israeli-style outdoor training
  • Maps, topography, and off trail navigation
  • Get to know your Israeli peers!  Youth leaders your age from the Sayarut hiking clubs will join your masaot
  • Visits to special green sustainable projects in different parts of the country, meeting people who are working hard to keep Israel green, and learning about their activism
  • Visits to birdwatching stations and animal sanctuaries
  • Special outdoors and extreme activities! Mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, and more!

This program has limited space, so if you are interested, register today.  Registration will close when we hit our limit.