Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition FAQ

Why should I consider Seminar Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition?

If you enjoy the outdoors, love to hike, and are looking for a more physically challenging, way to explore all that Israel has to offer, then this is the track for you!

Who is eligible to join the Shvilim program?

The Shvilim program is open to Ramahniks from all of the Ramah camps, as well as Jewish teens in 10th and 11th grade who are new to Ramah.

What is different about Shvilim?

Shvilim will be one kvutza (group of participants) that will follow a slightly different schedule from the rest of the kvutzot, but will still take part in many of the signature educational and outdoor activities of Ramah Israel Seminar.

The highlight of Shvilim will be three overnight masaot (excursions). Masaot will include hiking on Shvil Yisrael, mountain biking, repelling, navigational training, and more. Participants will challenge themselves not just physically, but in every way possible.
Meals on the masaot will be made from food carried by you, prepared and cooked together  by the members of the kvutza. To survive in the outdoors, a community must work together!

Will participants in Shvilim be integrated into the rest of Seminar?

Yes. Whenever participants are not on a masa, they will participate in nearly all Seminar activities from our home base with everyone on the program from all kvutzot (groups). Every Shabbat will be spent together. Additionally, participants will take part in Israel Unwrapped, leadership seminars and other special activities integrated together with all of Seminar.

Which bus will Shvilim participants be with when not on Masaot?

When not on Masaot all the participants of our two special tracks Yedidim and Shvilim will join together to form one bus, irrespective of your camp of origin. When leaving for masaot or unique activities the bus will split into two sub-groups, with Shvilim going on their Outdoor Trek, and Yedidim going on their Community Service Journey.

How can I make sure I’m with my camp friends?

As you know, every Seminar participant is usually guaranteed placement with at least one friend (out of the three listed on the request form in the application). Since Shvilim and Yedidim will be just one bus, we cannot make this guarantee. However everyone on Shvilim and Yedidim will be together irrespective of their Ramah camp. So sign up together with a friend, or get excited to meet some new ones!

What does the tentative itinerary look like?

Coming soon…

Can I try this out and transfer to another kvutza if it is not for me?

If you choose to take part in Shvilim, it will be your kvutza for all of Seminar. It is important to think about this option carefully. Discuss Seminar Outdoors with your family, ask questions, and choose this track only if it is for you.

I still have questions. How can I find out more?