Seminar Requirements

Eligibility for Ramah Israel Seminar

Ramah Israel Seminar is designed for campers of the ten Ramah camps in North America. All participants must have completed their junior year of high school. Given its designation as a Seminar, an intensive program of study and travel that demands motivation and commitment on the part of each participant, all applicants must meet certain requirements outlined below. Touring, hiking and experiencing Israel are major components of the program, and it takes place in the context of relevant text study, challenging group discussion and hand-on, experiential learning.  We want Seminar participants to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Israel’s history and future, and develop their own relationship with the country. If this is the kind of Israel trip that interests you, we encourage you to apply.



Religious Observance

As part of the Ramah Camping Movement, a Conservative Jewish institution, Ramah Israel Seminar is committed to a religiously observant approach to life. During Seminar, participants are required to abide by the basic norms practiced in camp, including kashrut, daily tefillah, Shabbat observance, brachot before and after meals and observance of any special religious events that fall during the summer, such as the fast of Tisha B’Av. Men–and women who choose to–are expected to wear a kippah during prayer, at all meals, when visiting holy sites, or studying religious texts. Tefillin are required to be worn by men–and by women who choose to do so– at morning tefillot as well as a tallit or tallit katan, according to personal practice. Personal religious items such as a kippah, tallit and tefillin must be brought by participants to Israel.



Ramah Seminar is a highly structured program, demanding a considerable amount of maturity and self-discipline. Participants must be committed to abide by the rules and standards of behavior as specified by the Israel Committee of the National Ramah Commission. Please read the online Statement on Procedures and Standards for details regarding the regulations of Seminar. Your virtual acceptance of this statement on the Seminar Application will confirm that you have read and agreed to the Statement on Procedures and Standards.



All Ramah campers must receive the recommendation of their local Ramah camp director in order to be accepted to Seminar, which is handled automatically through the National Ramah office (you don’t need to contact your camp director). In some cases, a personal interview will be required.