Ramah Poland Journey

June 19-27, 2022


The Ramah Poland Journey is an optional nine-day program prior to Ramah Israel Seminar, which offers the opportunity for Ramahniks who wish to spend additional time exploring their Jewish heritage in a Ramah framework

Discover the past for the sake of the future.

The Poland Journey traces the history of some of the most outstanding and historically relevant Jewish communities. This is an opportunity to learn about the European Jewish communities prior to and during the Holocaust. The program includes an exploration of the remnants — and, in some cases, the revival — of the Jewish communities in Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin.

The Poland Journey is open to applicants from Ramah Israel Seminar who are highly recommended by their local Ramah camp director, and who meet other qualifications, as listed below.

Your application will not be acted upon until the deposit is paid and the entire Poland application is completed. Most years there are more teens are interested in the Poland Journey than we can accept on the trip and there is always a waiting list. We recommend applying before the end of 2021.

The following list includes program highlights:

  • Lublin: Yeshivat Chochmei Lublin (where the tradition of Daf Yomi, studying one page of Talmud each day, was started)
  • Majdanek camp
  • Krakow and the surrounding area: Jewish ghetto, ghetto wall, Rema synagogue, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Pleszow Camp, Schindler’s factory
  • Warsaw and the surrounding area: Jewish ghetto, Martyrs Memorial, Noszyc Synagogue, Mila 18, Jewish Historical Museum, Jewish cemetery; Umschlagplatz, Treblinka camp.

Most sites listed are of Jewish interest; if time permits, we will also take in other sites of general interest. A complete itinerary will be presented to participants in a future mailing.

Day 1: Arrival in New York Area airport; orientation; fly to Warsaw
Day 2: Arrival in Warsaw, sites in Warsaw
Day 3: Tykocin and Lupachowa Forest, Treblinka
Day 4: Korczak’s Orphanage, Majdanek Camp, Kraznik
Day 5: Yeshivat Chochmi Lublin, Shtetl life: Lejansk, Tarnow, Zbilitowska Gora
Day 6: Krakow sites
Shabbat: Krakow
Day 8: Oswiecim synagogue, Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau
Day 9: Tefilla Reicher Shul & Cemetery, Olde Towne, departure for Israel
Day 10: Arrival in Israel, special programs for Poland Seminar

The cost of the Poland Seminar is listed here , along with the cost of the six-week Israel Seminar.

Tuition includes:

  • The complete program, including travel days and sessions for Poland participants in Israel.
  • Housing in comfortable hotels.
  • All airfares and taxes with departures from the New York area to Warsaw.
  • Security guard throughout Poland.
  • All meals, for which kashrut is observed according to Ramah’s high standards.
  • Deluxe, air-conditioned bus throughout Poland.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Tour guides and counseling staff.

Please note that Poland Seminar participants may not enroll in Seminar on a ‘land only’ basis.

Tuition is subject to change in case of any increase in airfare, travel taxes, radical changes in hotel prices in Europe or in the number of registrants. Cost does not cover fees for visas, which are NOT required at this time for US and Canadian citizens.

The staff for Poland Seminar includes experienced and knowledgeable mechanchim (tour educators) as well as madrichim (counselors) who are trained for the physical and emotional aspects of this trip, and are with the group from their arrival in Poland through their arrival in Israel and division into Seminar bus groups in Israel. Representatives of the Ramah educational and counseling staff will accompany the group on the overseas flights. A Polish guide, experienced in working with Jewish clientele, will accompany each bus group throughout Poland.

When the Poland Seminar participants arrive in Israel, they have a day of transition, special programming and summing up the Poland Seminar experience. They then join their assigned bus group for the six-week Israel Seminar experience, although there will be opportunities to re-unite with friends made during the Poland trip.