Seminar Yedidim: Tikkun Olam Journey

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Seminar Yedidim: Tikkun Olam Journey is the perfect combination of being on Seminar and experienSeminar 2011cing community service in Israel. This track, new from 2015, weaves in and out of the classic Ramah Seminar program, while offering a wide array of opportunities to contribute to Israeli society through personal involvement and activism, while gaining over 70 hours of valuable community service and leadership experience.



Seminar Yedidim: Tikkun Olam Journey starts in Israel together with all of Ramah Seminar in Hodayot Youth Village, our base in the north of Israel, the Galil. Hike in the Golan Heights, climb down the Arbel Cliffs, swim in the waters of the Kinneret, and celebrate Shabbat with the entire Ramah Seminar community. After Shabbat, spend part of the week on your first masa (journey): living and working in a local community, delving into the issue of peace and coexistence, as you meet and work with the local diversity of northern Israel, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Jews all deeply rooted in the ancient hills and villages of the Galil.

After immersing yourself in the communities of the north during the week, we’ll join the rest of the Seminar community in Jerusalem and celebrate a Ramah Shabbat together. Then we’ll spend a week together with all of Seminar exploring Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the political, religious, cultural, and economic centers of the country. We’ll then disperse for host Shabbat, returning rested and ready to take part in the second masa in and around Jerusalem. Our second Masa will delve into the issues of Social Justice and Integration from a Jewish and Israeli perspective, working with kids, seniors, and immigrants, and meeting with activists, policy makers, and thinkers.


We will then join the rest of Seminar for a several day unit concentrating on leadership followed by two days of Israel Unwrapped an in-depth elective. The next part of our adventure moves south, as we continue to the Negev and the Arava deserts for a tranquil desert Shabbat with all of Seminar followed by our third and final masa spent living and working in a local kibbutz exploring issues, of ecological agriculture, sustainability, and community.

We then return to Jerusalem for our final few days summing up our experience in Yedidim and all of Seminar leading to the conclusion of the program and a final Shabbat in Jerusalem. It is time to say l’hitraot to our friends, old and new.


Seminar DSC_0595Yedidim Includes:

  • Over 70 hours of recognized community service
  • Special encounters with leading and cutting edge Israeli social activists
  • Volunteering with varied populations including kids, elderly, special needs, refugees, and immigrants
  • Work side by side with young Israeli volunteers
  • Speakers, tours, and encounters, exploring different facets of social justice, activism, and leadership
  • Special leadership  opportunities organizing and running projects

Program availability is dependent on a minimum registration of 20 participants.