Israel Unwrapped – מגלים את ישראל

During Israel Unwrapped, you will spend three days uncovering a facet of Israel that you choose!


What is your special interest in Israel? Explore the aspect of Israel that intrigues YOU!


There is so much to learn and explore Israel, and Israel Unwrapped is your chance to explore and experience the Israel that is closest to your heart.  Registration for the options will not be based on your kvutza (bus group) or camp of origin. This is a fantastic way to branch out and get to know participants in different kvutzot who share similar interests.

Think about the lens through which Israel will be most interesting to you, and make your choices.

Options Include:

Explore the Green/Yarok Face of Israel

At one time, pioneering in Israel had to do with conquering the desert and building the country. Today, pioneering is more associated with finding ways to work with the environment as opposed to conquering it. On this track, discover the many facets of environmental sustainability in modern Israel. Where do we see Jewish values within the growing environmental awareness within Israeli society?   What are some of the exciting sustainable agriculture projects that are now found throughout the country? What is happening within the area of recycling water, trash and other waste? How is the challenge of sustainability bringing together Israelis and Palestinians in cooperative projects? Who are the people who are making these changes? Meet the movers and shakers and visit many important sites in the rising world of Eco-Israel.

Defining a Unique Israeli Culture

What is Israeli culture? What is unique about Israeli illustrative and performing arts, architecture, food and film?  What defines Israeli culture? From the unique vantage points of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we will begin to explore these questions in an experiential, creative and dynamic way (workshops with artists, musicians and a chef- and much more). Get out there and see for yourself!

Tarbut B’Ivrit: Defining a Unique Israeli Culture in Hebrew

This module is also offered as a Hebrew immersion option. If you want unwrap tarbut in Hebrew, please choose Tarbut-Hebrew Immersion.

Exploring Justice, Tikkun Olam and Social Protest in Israel

Explore a number of aspects of the complicated mosaic of Israeli society. What are some of the “hot” issues that underly many of the tensions between different groups in Israel?

Some of the societal divides we will touch upon include: Rich vs. Poor, Sephardi vs. Ashkenazi, Religious vs. Secular, Jewish vs. Non-Jewish, and Olim vs. Veteran Israelis.

What are some of the amazing projects that many Israelis are involved in to deal with these issues?  Volunteer in one of these projects and meet leaders of Israel’s social justice movement. Get your hands dirty and take on some of Israel’s challenges!

Conflicting Historical Narratives and Standing up for Israel

There are many dilemmas and challenges faced by those of us who love and want to stand by Israel.  In an effort to go beyond slogans, this program will explore many of the issues faced by Jewish students in many universities, where anti-Israel propaganda abounds. How do you separate the truth from the lies? This module will expose you to all sides of the issues, and help you come to your own conclusions about war and peace in the Middle East.  This option will be a combination of seminars and field-trips.