Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition Narrative

“Arise, walk through the length and breadth of the land; for I give it to you” (Genesis 13:17).


“.קום התהלך בארץ לארכה ולרחבה, כי לך אתננה”


Ramah Israel Seminar is designed to deepen and enhanIMG_1414ce the meaning of Israel among those who grew up in the Ramah Camping Movement. The experience has been described as “life-changing” and “transformative.”  The framework of the program allows participants to experience Israel within the familiar context of Camp Ramah culture, friends and often familiar staff members. Building on years of Israeli connections through camp, school and family, Seminar is able to take participants on a journey that is a loving, yet nuanced, view of Israel today.


For the summer of 2016 we are continuing our successful new outdoors track within the Seminar program. The vision of Shvilim: Outdoor Expedition is to use the outdoors and adventure activities as a powerful platform to further the goals of Seminar.


The educational design of the Seminar Shvilim program gives participants the opportunity to explore Israel through challenging outdoor activities while trekking its trails and exploring its backcountry. This medium enables the participants to gain an intimate familiarity with the land and its people while they simultaneously challenge and explore their own abilities, their identity, and their connection to Israel. While grappling with the challenges they are faced with as individuals and as a group, they will ponder the various elements of Israel’s complex social, political, religious, environmental and cultural challenges, and its relevance in their lives.


The Shvilim Journey is designed to illustrate the Jewish journey through the ages up to the promise of Israel, as well to raise questions concerning her present and future challenges.  Most central is to illustrate why they are so compelling to Jews throughout the world, the awesome potential that is behind each challenge and our ability as young Jewish leaders of tomorrow to help realize the dream.


The Shvilim program will be a distinct Seminar kvutza (bus group), with chanichim from all of the camps. The Shvilim bus will have a separate schedule, weaving in and out of the classic Seminar program with separate journeys and unique activities. Shvilim’s journeys will be along choice sections of Israel National Trail, the epic trans-Israel hiking trail.  These journeys will allow them to familiarize themselves intimately with the unique and beautiful landscapes and people of Israel.


Beyond their Journeys, Seminar Shvilim will stay in the same a bases as all of Seminar, take part in the core educational and recreational experiences of Seminar, celebrate Shabbat with all of Seminar and live as part of the Seminar community.