Seminar Hi-Tech


Why do Microsoft, INTEL, google and many other leading companies operate major R & D centers in Israel? Our newest track- Ramah Seminar Hi-Tech– is a great combination of participating on Ramah Seminar and learning about why Israel is a giant in technology, science and hi-tech. This track will weave in and out of the classic Ramah Seminar program, while offering a wide array of opportunities to visit and meet with scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of Israeli technology and science. All participants will receive a certificate of participation and transcript certifying 70 hours of study, fully accredited by our Ramah Jerusalem High School.



The Seminar Hi-Tech Journey starts in Israel, together with all of Ramah Seminar in Hodayot Youth Village, our base in the north of Israel, the Galil. Hike in the Golan Heights, climb down the Arbel Cliffs, swim in the waters of the Kinneret, and celebrate Shabbat with the entire Ramah Seminar community. After Shabbat, your first Masa (journey)  will take you to the laboratories of the Technion in Haifa, the Tel Hai Industrial Park, and meeting people behind the many startups and established hi-tech companies based throughout the North ( Do you know that Warren Buffet bought the Israeli precision tool manufacturer, ISCAR, for $6 billion?  We will explore ISCAR’s fully automated-robotic plant in the Upper Galilee). In addition, we will get hands-on experience in cutting-edge Israeli technology as it is applied to agriculture, changing the face of food technology throughout the world.


Arabs and Jews in Israel? We will see how science and hi-tech bring together Arabs and Jews in the Galilee in jointly owned industrial parks.


After immersing yourself in the techno world of the North during this week, we’ll join the rest of the Ramah community in Jerusalem and celebrate Shabbat together, and continue with all of Seminar exploring Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the political, religious, cultural, and economic centers of the country. Finally, we will disperse for Host Shabbat, returning rested and ready to take part in the second Masa in and around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This Masa will take us to centers such as the Hadassah Hospital Research Laboratories, Tel Aviv University, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Teva andShafdan (the Tel Aviv water recycling and desalinization plant) and the offices of Google, Intel and a number of emerging companies. We will also meet with leaders in the hi-tech world, who will share some of their dreams and accomplishments with us (some of them are Ramah alumni!).


Following this Masa, we join image003the entire Ramah Seminar for a several day unit concentrating on leadership followed by two days of Israel Unwrapped an in-depth special interest program. The next part of our adventure moves south, as we continue to the Negev and the Arava deserts for our third and final Masa, gaining hands-on experience with innovators such as the world renowned Ben Gurion University Jacob Blaustein Desert Research Center at Sde Boker, followed by meetings with members of the faculty of The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Ketura. There we will explore, through a number of hands-on workshops, how desert science and technology is applied to ecologically sustainable agriculture, water recycling desalinization, and clean energy (shhh: Israel now exports water and no longer has a water problem). We will also visit the largest Solar Energy field in Israel, at Kibbutz Ketura. We will then take a break for a tranquil desert Shabbat with all of Seminar. Returning to Jerusalem for our final few days, including a meaninful 9 of Av in Jerusalem, a stay in a Bedouin tent, climbing up Masada together and summing up our experiences as we reach the conclusion of the program and a final Shabbat in Jerusalem. It is time to say l’hitraot to our friends, old and new.




Over 70 hours of workshops and seminars in leading centers of Israeli research such as the Technion, Weizmann Institute of Science, Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital, Ben Gurion University and much more.

Special encounters with leading and cutting edge Israeli scientists and hi-tech leaders

Speakers, tours, and encounters, exploring different facets of Israel as a scientific world leader

Volunteering in an “off-grid” ecologically sustainable village to give us a perspective on how technology can help create an ecologically responsible world

Program availability is dependent on a minimum registration of 20 participants.