Plant Your Way

There are various funding opportunities that you can explore to help fund Ramah Israel Seminar, but one in particular is the Jewish National Fund’s “Plant Your Way to Israel” program. For every donation that is given through your account, they will donate half of it towards a trip to Israel. This is a tax deductible donation and will help you get to Israel as well as help Israel with their forestry projects. Please go to to sign up.


Seminarniks Planting Trees in Israel with JNF

Seminarniks Planting Trees in Israel with JNF



One Seminar participant already registered and sent out the following letter to all his friends, family and acquaintances. If you need a sample letter, here it is:


This past summer, after experiencing the best summer of my life, my last year at Camp Ramah Darom, I was told about an amazing program that the same camping organization, Ramah, runs. This trip is called Ramah Seminar. It is a six-week program in Israel with an optional nine days in Poland prior to Israel, which I am looking forward to also attempting. Every “Ramahnik” or Ramah camper, from all the eight Ramah overnight camps in North America is given the opportunity after their last year as a camper to go on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. We get to spend another summer with our best friends who we consider our family, or as it is called in Hebrew, mishpachah. The goals of Ramah Seminar are: to increase one’s Jewish experience, to expose oneself to Israeli culture and lifestyle, and to widen connections and friendships with other Jews from different Ramah camps.

I am very much looking forward to attending this program, however, the expenses are very hefty. My interest in participating in the optional Poland trip means I would need even more support. Not every Jewish teen is given the opportunity to spend not only six weeks in our homeland, but also nine days learning and seeing with our very own eyes the tragedies of our heritage. After visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC with my camp this past summer I realized that being able to witness, cry, and pray Kaddish with the people who I consider my family is truly something that I wouldn’t want to miss out on.

In order to help pay and raise funds to be able to attend this astonishing program, I created a page on one of JNF’s (Jewish National Fund) programs, Plant Your Way to Israel. The goal of this program is to help teens get to Israel while at the same time contributing to the Jewish and Israeli community. By donating to JNF either by buying tree(s) or donating to the general project fund through my page, you are helping to raise awareness and support for the critical forestry efforts in Israel. Please take a look at my page (link below), and help me achieve my goal and mitzvah! Please share this with others! It would mean so much!

In addition to sending out this letter, you can fundraise on social media. Please tag us in your posts. On Facebook we’re and on twitter we’re @RamahSeminar.

You can find other funding resources on the scholarship page of our website, where you can also download the Ramah Seminar scholarship application. Signing up for Plant Your Way will certainly not only help you get to Israel, but it will help Israel as well.

If you have questions about Seminar generally or scholarship specifically, please email Judy Greene.